Enjoy the Modern World on a Big Screen With the iPhone 14!

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If you are the type of person who wants to get into the world of the iPhones by buying the latest one every year, then you need to take a look at the iPhone 14.

This phone is going to give you a lot of new advantages besides just a better camera and some better battery life, and this article is going to show you what some of them are!

iPhone 14 Lockscreen

First and foremost, one of the two newest features coming with the iPhone 14 is the new and improved lock screen. Instead of having to go into the phone by unlocking it and turning it on. The iPhone 14 allows you full customizability of the lock screen. You can add and omit information like the date, time, and weather, and you can also make it look good as well. You can layer a photo to make it pop and see all the live updates from your activity rings and your favorite apps… all without needing to unlock your phone.

Additionally, the second feature that rolls out with the iPhone 14 is the dynamic island. This allows for you to see updates, widgets, and alerts from your apps without having to open them. Instead they expand enough for you to see them and then minimize to allow you to go back to what you were doing.

But that’s not all the iPhone 14 can do for you, so take a look!

iPhone 14 Crash Detection System

Key Features

The safety features of the iPhone 14 are top notch. First, there’s an emergency SOS feature via satellite that allows rescue crews to track you no matter where you are, and you can receive help quickly. The phone can also allow you to communicate via satellite, which works if you are in an emergency situation if you have no wi-fi or cell service.

The phone can also trigger an emergency SOS if it detects you have been in a severe car crash and you are unable to respond. Then it will call 911 for you and also contact your emergency contacts.

The new main camera also features a bigger sensor, and it also lets in 49% more light as well. You can also merge the best pixels and allow for your image to deliver brighter and more lifelike colors as well as better textures.

Product Drawbacks

  • It might not be worth an upgrade. With the iPhone 13 being $699 compared to the iPhone 14’s price point at $799, most people might find that they simply don’t want to upgrade. It’s a good phone, but for 100% more and only a few extra features to show for it, unless you have to have the best iPhone at launch, you might be able to wait a while.
  • Several of the previous cases from last year’s iPhone models are simply incompatible with this case, meaning that you need to buy both a new case and a new phone.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The iPhone 14 is a good phone, and the safety features along with the dynamic island and the new customizable lock screen can be very helpful and tempting for those who want to have the new iPhone right away. However, you don’t need it right away, but when you do choose to upgrade your phone it will be a good one for you.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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