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It can be really difficult to ensure you are heard using a hands-free device however this problem could be overcome thanks to the release of the Vont Bluetooth Headset

Able to connect to any mobile device via Bluetooth, the Vont Bluetooth Headset comes with an attached microphone that can rotate to almost any angle to reach the optimal position.

It also has a flexible headband that can be adjusted to comfortably fit on your head and the soft earpads are designed for comfort and not dig in after being worn for long periods.

Alongside the basic setup, there are a host of features designed to make the Vont Bluetooth Headset ideal for use on the road with some highlights including:

  • Weighing in at just 0.09lbs, the headset is extremely lightweight making it comfortable to wear whenever you are behind the wheel.
  • Both the microphone and earpads have noise-canceling features built into them to filter out any outside sounds and ensure that all aspect of your call is heard crisply for the entire duration
  • The headset can pair with two separate devices via Bluetooth at any one time meaning you can sync both a personal and work phone to it without having to disconnect anything.

Being functional and lightweight, the Vont Bluetooth Headset is a great device to have handy when you expect to have incoming calls whilst out on the road.

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