A Switchless Desk Lamp That Takes Simplicity To A New Level – The Circlo

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Have you ever wanted an upgraded desk lamp? One that was full of wonder and new technology to make your room that much more interesting?

The Circlo is the ideal lamp for you. More than just a lamp, the Circlo by Inovaxion made something simple like a lamp into something from the future. The most intriguing part about the Circlo is the lack of physical switch to turn the lamp on and off and to roll through different light modes. Instead of a button or touch sensor, the Circlo has an invisible switch in the form of a floating metal ball that when pressed upon, will do everything switches do on normal lamps. Inovaxion calls this the Flyswitch. The Flyswitch can be changed out from a metal ball to a moon switch, and soon to be coming will be switches in the form of Saturn, Jupiter, and Earth. Giving you some customization abilities with the Circlo.

Key Features

You may be wondering what happens if the Flyswitch falls from its magnetized place. Being made out of shockproof tempered glass, the metal ball will not break the Circlo, as well as automatically sticking to the base so you'll never fear losing the switch.

Coming in white, black, and wooden patterns, the Circlo can fit into any workspace or home decor that you prefer and fit in whatever room you'd like.

There are two versions of the Circlo, the black and wooden pattern Circlo's come with RBG mood light's and the white version of the Circlo comes with a dimmable white LED version of the lights.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This lamp has pushed the boundaries of what we already are led to believe a lamp can do, and the Circlo is upping the game for any brand’s new lamp coming in the future.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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