Indoor Gardening Done Smartly with SmartTerra

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Do you see all your friends with beautiful plant life inside their home? Or maybe you are looking for more life in your home but don't know how.

SmartTerra has taken all the stress out of indoor gardening for you while helping you keep a beautiful terrarium in your home. The SmartTerra is a groundbreaking smart-controlled terrarium to take away the high maintenance of plant life in the home. The SmartTerra is powered by technology that automatically adjusts the climate of the terrarium with control of temperature, lighting, and humidity that will help your ecosystem thrive. With constant monitoring of your ecosystem’s vitals, you don’t have to worry about checking on your plants’ health yourself. Alongside the brilliant technology that operates the SmartTerra, there are many benefits when introducing the SmartTerra into your home.

Key Features

The SmartTerra doesn't only modify the light, temperature, and humidity for your plant, but it also has a rain cycle for watering your plants through a water tray. You are notified through an application when you need to fill the water, change the filters or add nutrients to the soil. Other than that, the SmartTerra does everything for you.

There are stereo speakers with Bluetooth streaming built into the SmartTerra as well to simulate rain and storm sounds when your terrarium is being watered to bring the ambiance of outdoor planting indoors.

You don't need to be an expert on plants to use the SmartTerra, meaning it has been built for everyone of all gardening levels to use and enjoy in their homes.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Gardening inside the home has never been easier than with the introduction of the SmartTerra, which will only make bringing the outdoors inside that much more seamless.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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