There has never been a better time to be aware of protecting your digital information from prying eyes and this thankless task has become a lot easier thanks to the launch of the DiskAshur 2 hard-drive.

Developed by British firm iStorage, the DiskAshur 2 is a PIN-encrypted personal hard-drive loaded with extra security to ensure no-one tries to steal any personal data that is stored electronically.

Not only does it have a PIN for individual access, but the HDD drive also has 256-bit encryption technology and can store up to 5TB of data remotely to ensure that everything is kept safe in just one place.

Along with the high-encryption safety features, there are several other tricks that the DiskAshur 2 has up its sleeve to help you keep everything hidden such as:

  • The inner components of the hard drive are covered in a tough resin that stops any bits of circuitry from being removed without completely destroying the motherboard and the items stored on the device.
  • The hard-drive is compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and LINUX making it a suitable device for anyone to use in any environment.
  • The device is programmed to only allow 15 attempts at entering the correct PIN before all data is erased on the hard-drive and the device will then need to be manually reset to default settings before it is deemed usable again.

There is no substitute for protecting your digital information in today’s world and the DiskAshur 2 provides you with all the tools necessary to stop people from stealing your digital identity once and for all.

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