HybridDrive Portable USB Hub with Fast SSD lets you connect everything at once with an integrated storage extension.

Expanding your device’s storage can be pricey. This also means having a flash drive or external drive so we can compactly bring our files with us. Luckily, I came across HybridDrive.

HybridDrive  Portable USB Hub with Fast SSD is the instant USB and SSD storage extension that solves all your missing ports and storage needs.

Compact in Size, Large in Capacity

Measures about 4.7” and 58g in weight, you can leave all your cables connected at work and bring your important files with you anywhere, anytime. And don’t worry about device incompatibility – this portable SSD has a USB hub for all the ports that you need.


  • Integrated SSD from 128GB to 2TB
  • MacBook-Case Friendly
  • Ports: USB-C, HDMI, 2x USB-A, MicroSD, SD Card
  • 4K 60 Hertz Video Output 
  • High-speed data transfer up to 450MB/s read and write

HybridDrive provides a smooth connection for data transfer and storage expansion. This makes it ideal for creating and editing photo and video files and for keeping your data safe.

I would give HybridDrive Portable USB Hub with Fast SSD a 5/5 for its value, size, and capacity.

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