Cyberpunk Mini Alley – Unleash your Dystopian Imagination

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It was all so simple a long time ago – Alice fell down a rabbit hole and entered a wonderland. Entirely believable as well.

Things have changed of course with the evolution of science fiction and other-worldly places, developed by ingenious minds readily aided by the exponential development of science, technology, and concepts that while hitherto thought of as futuristic, are now evolving towards reality.

The once straightforward genre of science fiction has also evolved into a complex maze of sub-genres, and sub-genres within those sub-genres. Thus, we arrive at the genre of cyberpunk, involving a dystopian futuristic setting that in general terms contains elements of low-life and hi-tech. The genre has resulted in a huge worldwide following and the development of incredible Role Playing Games (RPGs).

Cyberpunk Mini Alley and Headphones

While we certainly don’t wish to attract the intense scrutiny of cyberpunk enthusiasts who might wish to find issue with our word choices, we do wish to direct that dedicated group to a fantastic new cyberpunk collectable – the quite amazing Cyberpunk Mini Alley.

This beautiful handcraft work is designed to slot into a bookshelf, perhaps between appropriately chosen titles, and offer a glimpse, dare we say ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (sorry) into the intriguing and inviting world of an alley between buildings. Over 300 exquisitely crafted and detailed elements create an immersive world of imagination and enquiry.

This finely crafted piece is personally customisable with a vending machine, retro arcade, and bar fronts. All the enticing signs of activity that might be found in this micro-view of some future dystopian time and place are visible, and some, not so visible, around the bend at the end of the alley? Surely not.

Cyberpunk Mini Alley Book Shelf

Could this be the inspiration to inspire your imagination to formulate a story, develop it, write it, and unleash the hidden storyteller or author within?

At the least, it may well cause the initiation of a hundred challenging and thought-provoking conversations.

One thing is certain, a Cyberpunk Mini Alley bookshelf inserts will not be ignored.

The alley is well illuminated, as much as alleys ever are, by subtle LED lights, powered either by batteries, or a well concealed power supply.

Individual items are laser engraved, then finely and expertly painted. Final assembly and the addition of polish layers make each alley a true work of art.

The finished alley is 8” (20cm) deep, 9.5” (24cm) high, and 3.5” (9cm) wide. Like a book, it tells its own story – or does it?

Cyberpunk Mini Alley and books

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Cyberpunk Mini Alley bookshelf insert – venture in, if you dare, who knows what awaits, only you and your imagination.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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