Charge Your Items Securely and With Style Using the Cafele Magnetic Type C Cable

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With the number of items that contain rechargeable batteries in the world today, you need a great way to charge them.

There isn’t a better charger than The CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable, which has a lot of extra benefits along with being able to charge the majority of your items. While many people know what a type c cable is, a magnetic type c cable can be a little confusing.

One of the biggest problems with a traditional cable is that they eventually wear down. The wiring gets frayed and doesn’t connect just right, or the ports don’t plug into the wall or don’t plug into your devices properly. Then it is off to buy another cheap type c cable until the entire process starts again!

CAFELE magnetic type c cable supported device

However, a magnetic type c cable is designed to never wear out and offers a lot more durability and longevity as well. Plus, it also comes with a lot of extra features that can be very helpful. If you are looking for a magnetic cable, then nothing comes close to the CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable, which is one of the best of the best.

Key Features

Often we charge our devices late at night, and no one wants to fumble around in the dark for their USB cables and then further fumble to get the cable plugged into the phone. Thankfully, the CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable does come with a blue LED light glow that allows you to find the cable in the dark, and the light will also prevent you from waking up as it is quite gentle on the eyes

The magnetic charging cable has been certified for safety and is designed to charge your devices while also protecting you from current problems. The CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable also comes with a 56K ohm resistor that protects your Device from currents, and allows safe charging.

The magnetic cable also comes with a lot of magnetic power. The magnetic cable is very easy to slip into your device and allows all type c devices to be quickly and easily charged. You can even charge your devices with one hand, and the magnetic cables are also very strong. You won’t need to worry about one or two bumps causing your device to disconnect!

The CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable also allows you to charge your type c devices anywhere and everywhere. Have you ever wanted to charge your phone while it is hanging off of the bed? Or charge your laptop while it is resting on its side? You don’t need to have your device laying flat for these cables to do their work!

However, magnets don’t attract everything, and the CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable certainly has some repelling qualities that you need to be aware of.

Product Drawbacks

  • The magnetic connector can be messed with if you have an improper case. For example, if you have a rubber-type flap that you need to open in order to get to the port, that flap could push the charge connection apart.
  • It might not work with all types of type c devices, although the vast majority are compatible.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable is a very interesting product, and it might not be for everyone. However, if you are sick of your items not being charged and your USB cables continuing to break, then a magnetic type c cable might be just enough to keep your devices charged. Plus, you will be able to see firsthand all the advantages that the CAFELE Magnetic Type c Cable can do for you.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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