It can be a nightmare trying to find ways to plug in all the things you need to enjoy online gaming but this may no longer be an issue thanks to the release of the Brydge Stone Pro multi-hub.

Built with 11 different ports, the Stone Pro has all the resources needed to support extra peripherals with full Thunderbolt 3 connections no matter what platform the device is tuned for.

In addition to that, it also comes with full 4k support and will allow for anyone to run either single or dual monitor set-ups at any time for gaming or work purposes.

To offer the full array of support options, the Stone Pro is loaded with features that will come in handy when looking to create the perfect set-up such as:

  • Alongside acting as a connection hub, the port can help charge laptops by offering 87W of power to help boost low laptop batteries when working off the grid.
  • The body of the device is made from a steel composite helping protect the inner workings if it is dropped or has any liquids spilt on it.
  • It can also come with a separate dock that can allow it to be stored vertically freeing up space on your desk for other devices that you may need whilst working or playing games.

By catering for both the Mac and PC crowds as well as offering a vast array of support options, the Brydge Stone Pro is a vital tool for anyone who is struggling to find space to plug everything in.

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