The Whisk Wiper is a one of a kind whisk cleaning tool that is a must for any kitchen.

For me, the whisk is a kitchen utensil that not only gets some of the biggest workouts of all of them but also can’t always be cleaned to satisfaction by hand or in the dishwasher. Whether it be because of the fit or the design of the whisk itself, it doesn’t always cut it.

That’s exactly where the Whisk Wiper shines. Coming with the Whisk Wiper and a whisk that fits in it perfectly, the Whisk Wiper a good value and great cleaning tool.

Get More Out of Your Whisk

Cleaning the whisk with the Whisk Wiper takes under 10 seconds. It also does wonders in helping to keep your kitchen clean and preventing you from dripping egg or whatever it may be all over your counters.

The Whisk Wiper is only meant to be hand-washed, but doing so is easy and doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease. It’s given me more uses for my whisk as adding the wiper to it can make it easy to scoop contents from a bowl.

I give the Whisk Wiper a 5/5!