There’s always a certain pride about eating fruit and veg that you have grown in the garden but it can be a nightmare having to wash them and remove all the dirt but the Scrrub look set to solve this problem once and for all.

To make life easy, the Scrrub comes with two different brush sizes on either side to ensure that you can always clean the veg that you are cooking whether it is small fruits or large vegetables.

One side of the brush has small soft bristles for cleaning delicate fruit skins such as strawberries whilst the other side has large, firm bristle designed for cleaning tougher vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

Not only has been designed to clean vegetables but Scrrub also has the user at heart with a host of smart and simple features such as:

  • The bristles throughout the brush are made from silicon meaning that they are extremely durable and won’t leave unwanted fibres on food once they have been cleaned.
  • Both sides of the brush have been designed and spaced evenly to ensure that any trapped dirt and grit can be removed simply by rinsing it under hot-water.
  • Everything is easy to maintain and is even heat-resistant meaning that it is safe to place inside a household dishwasher making cleaning and maintenance extremely simple.

By making sure it is a multipurpose tool, the Scrrub will ensure that you can enjoy homegrown veggies without worrying about checking for any excess dirt or grime.

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