Primo Ager: Professionally Dry-Age Your Meat

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Primo Ager is the first professional smart fridge that provides full-control on meat dry-aging, letting you enjoy high-end meat quality in your home.

A slice of savory and tender meat tastes better with dry-aging. Dry-aged meat can only be served in steakhouses. And as a meat lover, I find eating out expensive. So I decided to do it at home. After hours of looking for meat dry-agers, I found Primo Ager.

Primo Ager Meat Dry-Ager lets you have the full-control of meat dry-aging from your smartphone.

5-Star Meat Dry-Ager

Primo Ager is a fully-automated meat dry-ager that does wonders for bringing out the best flavors of your meat without spending much on supermarket or steakhouses.

Key Features

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring & Self-Regulating System

Store up to 45kg of meat at a time

Smart Integrated Humidity Control

Automated Cloud-Enabled Logging & Notifications

UV-C Sterilization Air Filter

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

What I like about Primo Ager is that it is not only for dry-aging meats. You can also store your favorite cheese and wine which is perfect for steak and wine nights. The presets for each category – meat, cheese, and wine – are accessible via app or front door panel so you can switch settings instantly as needed.

I would recommend Primo Ager Meat Dry-Ager in elevating steak nights to steak and wine nights in my home without having to spend a lot.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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