The HAMMR Meat Hammer uses its distinct design to stand out amongst the rest and let you comfortably prepare meat in your kitchen knowing that it will last.

A good meat hammer is just as an important part of meal preparation as a good cut of meat is and one that is satisfying and made to last has been difficult for me. The meat hammers I have used have not held to wear and tear and were not quite comfortable. 

Using HAMMR for the first time, I was surprised that something so comfortable to use could be so powerful for tenderizing meat. 

An Essential Part of the Process

For me, the comfortable handle and nice grooves on the hammer end make it just as effective as it is distinct looking. It is good for me because I prepare a lot of pot roasts and Italian beef, so it’s nice to use a meat hammer that is not going to hurt my hand and wrist after preparing that much meat for people. 

I recommend trying out the HAMMR. It is not only a useful and unique addition to the kitchen, but it is one that will save you a lot of time and trouble in the future, so it gets a 5/5.