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Do you want to pick luxury kitchen appliances such as a toaster that is going to not only look beautiful but also toast with incredible quality?

There is no better toaster than the metallic Icona toaster from DeLonghi. A DeLonghi Icona 4 slice toaster in a deluxe metallic finish with 4 wide function slots and a frozen bread setting is the best in luxury toasters.

Experience deluxe design and deluxe performance with this DeLonghi Icona 4 slice toaster CTOT4003.AZ. With its elegant, stunning metallic finish and iconic Italian presence at home or office, you’ll never look back as it delivers deluxe results every time! This toaster not only blends in with elegantly designed kitchens, but can also be left out when not in use as a beautiful accent to your kitchen space, making you smile every time you walk into your kitchen.

A DeLonghi Icona 4 slice toaster CTOT4003 allows you to toast up to four slices of your favorite bread or bagels with ease thanks to the adjustable browning controls. These browning controls allow you to pre-set how you would like your toast to be cooked, letting you take full control of how the toast progresses, including settings for reheating and defrosting, and even a cancel button if you toast for a little too long.

There are many other features to the DeLonghi Icona toaster that will make it perfect for your home;

Key Features

Toast bread in just a few minutes

The largest toasting slots on the market today

6 position browning control that ensures your toast will be perfect every time

Icona Metallics design adds elegance and class to any kitchen

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Kitchen appliances are something we all need to have in our home to make life easy and cook our meals at home, and a toaster is extremely important for breakfast and even lunch and dinner for some. The DeLonghi Icona toaster isn’t only pleasing on the eyes, but fabulous in quality.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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