Build and Create A New Character For The World To See – the BabaBit

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Do you have a child interested in building their toys?

Maybe Lego sets just aren’t doing it for them anymore and they need something a touch more stimulating for their brain. From OFFBITS comes a character kit, the BabaBit, that will give them the right mental stimulation they need.

The BabaBit is a visually interesting character, built from teal, silver and black metal nuts and bolts, giving your child the chance to enjoy a new way of building toys. Being not only visually stimulating, the BabaBit is mentally and physically stimulating. With instructions provided, your little one will learn how to follow step-by-step instructions, learn how to use new and exciting tools while exploring their creativity and imagination.

There are many features to the OFFBITS Character Kit – BabaBit that will make it the best gift or additional toy for kids.

Key Features

If your child has difficulty in growing their motor skills, the BabaBit would be a great way to help enhance their skills, and also stimulate their brain as they work hard to piece together the character kit.

The BabaBit Character Kit provides you with the SuperTool™. This is a five-in-one tool that will help your child create the BabaBit, entirely customized for this specific character kit. As your typical, generic hardware is bigger than these pieces, you will need the SuperTool™ in order to put the BabaBit together.

If you are a parent looking for a way to interact with your child, the BabaBit character kit is a great way to find time to spend with your child. As these kits require precision and following instructions, its a great way to help your child navigate building.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There are many ways to help your child expand their creativity and imagination, but through the OFFBITS Character Kit, the BabaBit, you can enjoy a new world of building and creating with your child.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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