Razer Enki Gaming Chair – For When The Going Gets Tough

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Launched in 2005 with dual headquarters in San Diego and Singapore, Razer has become synonymous with top-quality, cutting-edge design in all aspects of gaming.

The company motto – For gamers. By gamers – speaks volumes of their dedication to gaming perfection.

Gamers spend a serious amount of time honing their skills and enjoying their craft. The last thing any gamer needs is to feel physically unsupported or uncomfortable. A gaming chair that feels just right in every respect is worth gold.

There is an abundance of quality gaming chairs on the market, all offering varying degrees of comfort and adjustments, at varying price points. The Razer Enki is at the upper end of the market, and gamers will have high expectations of the product. Largely, they won’t be disappointed.

The chair comes well packed, with simple but entirely adequate assembly instructions and includes the necessary tool required. Thoughtfully, they have put a plastic handle on the obligatory Allen key tool, making use of it a far less frustrating and finger-numbing experience. Thank you, Razer!

Razer Enki Best Gaming Chair

The construction oozes quality, and the seat materials are impressive: the main areas are a quality textured fabric, while the high-wear edge surrounds are a nice EPU faux leather. It looks good, is environmentally friendly, and it’s easy to clean.

Seat width is a generous 21”, and the wide, curved shoulder area and supportive side lumbar area provide ample support during the most demanding gaming session. The seat is soft yet supportive, and the Enki comes with a separate memory foam head rest covered in a soft and luxurious velvety material. If desired, this attaches to the main headrest area via straps and is pure heaven. Lay the backrest all the way back, pop on some eyeshades, and you’ll easily catch up on some sleep while waiting for the next game!

The backrest is adjustable to a full 152 degree recline, while the armrests are described as 4D – meaning they are adjustable in all 4 directions, up/down, forward/back, in/out, and swivel. This provides a sufficient degree of flexibility for most forearm support needs.

The remaining element for consideration is lumbar support, and this is where gaming chairs offer various solutions. Generally, there will be a lumbar support mechanism that is adjustable, one that is not, or a lumbar support that is supplemented by a removable lumbar cushion.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Razer has obviously given great thought to the design of the lumbar area, although the Enki chair does not offer lumbar adjustment, nor does it have any optional extra pad. The support is well designed, but quite firm, and this may well be superb for good posture. Razer says that the overall chair design allows for optimal weight distribution, and therefore greater comfort. We don’t disagree, nevertheless, if the chair does not meet individual lumbar needs, it can be problematic. The more expensive Razer Iskur chair does have lumbar adjustment, and this may be a worthy consideration for anyone who has reservations in this area, perhaps because of lower back pain issues.

Razer Enki gaming chair – a high quality gaming chair from the pros at Razer – make sure the firm and non-adjustable lumbar support suits your needs.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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