It can be difficult finding universal gaming accessories that enhance all facets of your virtual experience but Antlion’s ModMic USB device could solve that dilemma once and for all.

Capable of working with most peripheral setups, the ModMic USB gives you the choice to connect with other gamers in a variety of ways.

The noise-canceling microphone can filter out surrounding noise to put extra emphasis on your voice whilst there is a multi-functional capsule microphone that focuses on sound quality to give sounds a crisp and clear HQ sound.

Alongside the different microphone variants, Antlion has loaded the ModMic with a host of perks designed to improve the overall gaming experience such as:

  • The microphone can be muted via one touch of a button and a red LED will indicate to the user that the device has been switched off to other players.
  • It can attach to any fixed surface via an adhesive clamp that works on all materials such as vinyl, plastic, or wood as well as mobile platforms such as VR goggles.
  • It comes with a universal USB port which can fit directly into gaming consoles such as the PS4 as well as any dedicated PC or gaming computer.

By working on any platform and producing crisp audio, the ModMic will enable you to engage with your gaming audience in new ways you have yet to explore.

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