Comfortable and Cool Gaming with the GameSir F8 Snowgon Mobile Cooling Grip

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How many games do you play on your phone? How many of them are first POV games or driving games where you need both thumbs to dictate where your character moves or where they aim?

As previous products have worked incredibly well for hand-held gaming on phones, GameSir has built the F8 Pro Snowgon Mobile Cooling Grip to enhance your mobile smart device gaming.

The F8 Snowgon prides itself on having an integrated cooling system. This cooling system sits behind your mobile device to help prevent not only game freezing but your mobile device from overheating. All handheld gamers find that their system begins to overheat with overuse, but when using the F8 Snowgon to enhance your gaming experience, it will reduce your overheating problems. The cold plate, thermally conductive silicone pad and fans used within this cooling system helps your system stay cool through your entire gaming experience.

There are other ways in which the F8 Snowgon can increase your experience when handheld gaming that benefits not only your phone but your experience all around;

Key Features

Doubling as well as a metal phone holder, if you use your phone to watch videos while at your desk and worry about the overheating issues, using the F8 Snowgon as your phone stand as well will minimize the worries that come with overheating your system.

With its ergonomic handgrip you’ll find your hand fitting well to the controller, comfortable and giving players a more immersive experience. This handgrip makes it easy for you to play your games without straining the muscles in your hands and wrists.

It won’t matter what size your phone is as the F8 Snowgon can fit different phones from different size Samsung phones to all different iPhone sizes and more. Stretching from 100-173mm in length, you’ll be able to fit your phone into the controller.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Mobile phone gaming has grown and changed over the years and with the expanding phone sizes we all want to find an easy way to play our games, and thanks to GameSir our phones overheating during long gaming sessions will go away and keep our hands comfortable.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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