There are hundreds of different strategies designed to get the most out of a single workout session but a new tool called the Tension Toner could be set to change the way you approach your training.

To allow you to increase the strength of your muscles, the Tension Toner is a workout bar that allows you to pull further when moving it and increase the tension being put on the muscles.

By allowing you to engage more movement as you pull, the entire setup tightens as you pull allowing you to increase the overall weight load being channelled through the bar to your body.

Like all workout equipment, the Tension Toner has a host of accessories to help you get the most from its training regimen with some items including:

  • The bar itself is accompanied by a specific training guide containing over 70 exercises to test your entire body and get maximum rewards for your hard work.
  • It can be collapsed in half to not only alter the way you train but also makes it easy to store at home and take with you should you want to exercise in a park or with friends.
  • The entire setup is easy to use straight from the word go so no installation is required and can be used within seconds of opening it from the box.

With it being easy to learn but hard to master, the Tension Toner could be the catalyst you need to make your much-desired breakthrough when working out at home.

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