Altis Ai Personal Trainer – Is This The Future Of Home Workouts?

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We’ve all probably tried it at one time or another: the fitness show on TV, or the home workout videos or YouTube streams.

They are okay as far as they go, but they are one size fits all solutions. What if you aren’t quite doing that exercise right? You may keep doing it wrong over and over, either not getting proper benefit, or at worst, causing some damage.

It’s far better to go to a gym where you get personal service, and a personal trainer can tailor your workout and make sure you are doing it all just as you should.

Atlis Movement AI Personal Trainer

But, oh dear, there are the gym fees, plus there is the drive there and back, and you can’t go today because little Catherine is home from school with a cold. Maybe you should let the gym membership go, you’re just not using it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own personal trainer, well, locked up here inside your TV, and able to guide you and give you feedback and advice. Yeah, right!

That’s what the folks at Altis thought as well, and more or less, that’s just what they have done.

The Altis AI personal trainer is much like a relatively small soundbar that sits along in front of your TV and connects to it via any free HDMI port. That’s it!

Atlis Movement Home AI Personal Trainer

The Altis system works in four ways to achieve its results:

  • Body awareness
  • Movement instruction
  • Personalised training
  • Adaptive learning

The unit recognises your body and uses deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) to map and track every movement to an accuracy of 1cm. It does this with no requirement for the user to wear special clothing or sensors. This accuracy is necessary to provide proper monitoring and effective feedback on workout movements, and Altis calls it Body GPS.

This 4D (3D plus movement) body map is combined with Altis’s second bit of wizardry, Altis Vision, to provide a live view of your mapped body to help correct any errors in movement throughout your exercise regime.

Altis’s proprietary Cerberus AI machine learning system was trained on the exercise intelligence and knowledge of sports performance directors, doctors who have specialised in physical therapy, and conditioning coaches. That is, Cerberus starts out very smart, and then learns all about you as it soaks up all the movements and parameters of your individual routine. Every exercise is calibrated, customised, and refined over time – just for you.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

No more gym fees, no more wasted time. Altis gives you your own personal trainer in your own home, in the security and comfort of your own living room, at any time that suits you.

Pretty special huh? So special that Altis is partnering with Hyatt Hotel Group, Lifetime Fitness and LA Fitness, so even when away from home, the Altis AI personal trainer will be there.

Altis AI personal trainer – your very own individual personal trainer right there, inside your TV, at a time to suit you.


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