It can be disastrous having to look sharp with time rapidly running out but the ZIIP GX could help you look your best just minutes before an important meeting.

Designed to be used on the go, the ZIIP GX uses small bursts of currents to refresh skin cells and help them replenish to remove any dead skin on your face or eradicate crows’ feet around your eyes.

The entire device fits within your hand and can have you looking fresh in minutes making it a must-have handy on the way to work or catch up with friends.

To help you get ready in a heartbeat, the ZIIP GX has 9 different treatment modes that you can utilize and take advantage of including

  • Primer – refreshes the skin
  • Energize/Sensitive Energize – completely refreshes the skin around your face and neck
  • Lymph & Lift is designed to drain lymph nodes and work around the shape of your face
  • INSTANT gratification is designed to prevent you from looking drained and flushed
  • Total Clearing looks to treat areas suffering from acne
  • Pigment looks to treat and remove spots
  • RevitalEyes refreshes the eyelids and manages crows’ feet
  • Quick Fix is designed to refresh your face in just 2 minutes

With a host of modes for you to choose from, the ZIIP GX proves itself to be a facial masterpiece that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

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