Ultramintt Y3 4g Smartphone Aims To Help You Create The Perfect Selfie

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If you are looking for a smartphone that can help you take the perfect selfie, then the Ultramintt Y3 could be just what you are looking for with a triple rear camera that can take pictures at 3 different quality levels.

Whilst the Y3 won’t be challenging the iPhones or Samsung’s of this world, this budget smartphone is a handy alternative for anyone looking for something that can boost your social media profile without bursting the bank.

With a triple rear camera that can take images at 20MP, 10MP and 5MP, this is a perfect device for any youngsters looking to impress their school friends with impressive selfies that can be uploaded straight to social media in a heartbeat.

Key Features

Alongside the three cameras, the rear cameras also have lens that are optimized for shooting in low light levels meaning that image quality will not be compromised when taken in a dark room or during the night

The 6.3in OLED display is bright enough to show contents in full HD and is protected by a Gorilla Glass cover preventing damage from being dropped or smashed in use

It has NFC support and Face ID to give the user added security in case the phone is stolen and also utilize other wireless technologies being implemented in all aspects of daily life

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With a triple rear camera, low light settings and full 4G support, the Ultramintt Y3 will allow you to impress friends and family by creating stunning images and sharing them with the world.

Adam Lucci

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