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Do you find that you are constantly losing things? Can’t seem to keep track of your keys or maybe your dog’s leash or your purse always seems to go missing?

Well now you can keep track of the things you tend to lose with the Tile Pro.

Tile Pro is the most powerful Tile – ever. Tile has helped millions of people keep track of their things, and now Tile Gives is here to help you do more with your Tile. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices so everyone can now keep track of their things.

With Tile Pro, you can find all your stuff faster. Use Tile as a virtual leash or attach Tile to anything to mark its location. When you’re close by, it will play a loud tune until you ring it — even on silent mode. And since Tile Pro stays within Bluetooth range, it can easily find more things than the average Tile user. There are now no more excuses for losing your things. Whether at home or traveling afar, this super-powerful Bluetooth tracker gives you peace of mind that comes from always knowing where your keys are (and maybe your wallet too). You can always keep track of your most important personal possessions.

There are many other features to the Tile Pro that make it ideal for all of the forgetful ones we know;

Key Features

Attractive tile with multiple choices in color

Tile is a strong tracker that never runs out of charge

Purchase includes Bluetooth tracker and interactive app for your phone/computer

Track items from up to 100 feet away

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

So if you know someone who tends to misplace things or if that person is you, consider picking up a Tile Pro to keep your stuff safe. You will never lose your belongings again!

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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