Step Into A New Era of Safety with the Space Safe

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Have you been searching for a new safe to keep your valuable possessions secure when you don’t have them in your grasp? Maybe keeping your passport safe or your work phone when you go on a long holiday? The Space Safe is the greatest option for you.

As a safe that prides itself on not looking like a safe, the sleek design and touch screen window places the Space Safe above and beyond other safes on the market. Used to prevent thievery within the home, safes are used to keep phones, sums of cash, passports and other valuables protected while giving the user peace of mind that their items are safe. Space Safe takes it one step further with internal and external cameras to remotely view users of the safe from the connected app on your smartphone.

There are many benefits to introducing the Space Safe into your home to protect your valuables;

Key Features

If you are in a busy household and multiple people want to keep their valuables safe, the Space Safe comes with four users that can have access via personal passwords and embedding their fingerprint on the scanner for use whenever needed.

Some people have others house sit while they are away on business or on family holidays. With the Space Safe, you’ll be able to give your house sitter a one-time use pin to allow them temporary access to your safe if needed.

With an advanced motion sensing accelerometer, you will be notified via the app if anyone tries to physically move or tamper with your Space Safe. You will always know the activities of your Space Safe which gives you the customer extra security and reassurance that your valuables are safe.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Space Safe is an ideal purchase for anyone looking to keep their valuables safe and look into newly advanced ways to keep everything safe.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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