Ride Easy with the SwitchGrade

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Do you love riding your bike but find that fixing your saddle is difficult? Have you found riding up tall mountains tricky because your seat isn’t angled correctly?

There is no need to worry any longer as Aenomaly has built the SwitchGrade, a perfect component to your bike that can adjust your bike for whatever terrain you’re about to ride on.

The SwitchGrade gives cyclists the chance to move their seat effectively without the use of tools. It can take a while to move the saddle up and down, but with the SwitchGrade you can do it easily and on the go. With three different positions, you can have an optimized seat for climbing, flat riding and even descending. Your saddle can go from a neutral angle, to -10 for a nose-down saddle and +12 for a nose-up saddle. The SwitchGrade is better than simply angling your saddle a few degrees, but gives you a complete tilt for ease and effective riding.

There are many features to the SwitchGrade that will make it the ideal and perfect bike component to advance your cycling experience.

Key Features

With the addition of the SwitchGrade onto your bike, you can build up to a climb setting, which adds approximately an additional 20mm in height and 10mm forward offset. Especially for training cyclists, it will give more flexibility in changing the angle of your saddle.

Many additions to bicycles are obvious and in your face, however, the SwitchGrade has been built with a low profile design, easily camouflaged on your bike. Including a stainless steel hardware for mounting, making it easy to attach to your bike.

The SwitchGrade is compatible with many popular seatposts, coming in three different types that are specifically designed for different seatposts. Ensure that you check your bike thoroughly before ordering so you pick the best SwitchGrade for you.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There has never been anything better for the cyclist in the family. The SwitchGrade is a great addition to your bike for an advanced and yet easy riding experience.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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