The Case for Creatives, the Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve

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Have you been searching for a laptop bag that can also be used to express creativity in a non-harmful way?

The best new purchase for either you or your child’s laptop or tablet protection is the Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve, made specifically for the creative individuals out there.

The Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve is not only a great source of protection for your devices but is a great way to express creativity. Being made out of a paper-leather, this laptop and tablet sleeve is an amazing product made to be destroyed by markers and pencils. Many children enjoy drawing on their bags and device sleeves, but now this is a protective case that is made for graffiti.

There are many features to the Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve that will make it the chosen laptop and tablet sleeve.

Key Features

To the naked eye, the Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve doesn’t have a zipper or anything to completely keep your device safe, however, that isn’t the case. This case has a hidden magnetic flap that keeps your device safe inside, without the worry of other devices, books, or items in your bags messing up your device.

You are going to be able to draw all over the entire sleeve, with recommended non-toxic and permanent acrylic paint markers, you can entirely customize your sleeve to reflect you and your personality. From large lettering to drawings of your favorite flowers, the opportunities are endless with products from Schooled by Paper.

While the size only will fit the 12” MacBooks, many iPad’s do not exceed this size dimension, and many iPad’s from the original generations to the Air and Pro designs, you will be able to fit your device within this case.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There are many different cases that you may be choosing between when it comes to protecting your devices, however when it comes to also expressing the creativity within your child or even yourself, there is nothing better than this particular case. The Schooled by Paper MacBook and iPad Sleeve is ideal for procrastinators, creative minds, or even anyone who wants the option to draw all over their device cases.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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