Smart and Innovative Travel with the Superstrata Bike

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Have you been looking for a bike that can handle all the terrains? Or a bike that is universal for all?

There is nothing better than getting on the back of a bike, feeling the wind against your face and in your hair, and gallivanting around town. Bikes have always been a commonly used mode of transportation and the Superstrata Bike defies all the odds.

The Superstrate Bike isn’t your regular metal and wheel bike, it is the world’s first 3D-printed bike with a custom unibody carbon fiber body and simultaneously works as an e-bike. The Superstrata C is the classic design, looking like your regular bike with an industrial-grade carbon fiber body and nothing else. The Superstrata E is an electric bike that meets the stamina of power-assisted bikes.

There are many features to the Superstrata Bike’s that make it the best newest bike on the market.

Key Features

With each bike frame being individually custom-crafted according to 18 different measurements, people ranging in height from 4’7” to 7’4” will be able to find a bike that fits them perfectly, not try to search for one that only might fit them.

If you are someone who enjoys biking trails in the woods or riding along the beach, you aren’t going to have to struggle to pack your bike into the car. The Superstrata frame weighs 2.9lbs (1.3kg) which is lighter than 2 full bottles of water. Making it one of the most portable and lightest bikes on the market.

Unibody means one singular body, there are no joints and no glue in the entire body of the Superstrata, meaning there are no chances of parts loosening and coming undone or splinters within the body. The Superstrata being made from carbon fiber technology makes it up to 61x stronger than steel.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than a bike that can handle everything and give you the chance to use it everywhere. Bikes are always going to be a fun and convenient way to travel around town and the Superstrata in both the Classic and Electronic forms provide a bike for everyone.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

Hayley is one of the most respected woman tech editors in Australia. She is a professional and creative writer from Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria.