Lock Your Keys In Place with the Orbikey Clip v2

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Do you find that you struggle sometimes trying to find your keys, or they get caught on the threads of your jean pockets?

Keys are some of the most important things in our lives, they give us access to our cars, our workplaces and home, and struggling to find them is one of the most anxiety filled moments in our lives. But now, with the Orbitkey Clip v2, you will never feel the need to struggle when it comes to your keys again.

The Orbikey Clip v2 may look like a regular carabiner lock to the naked eye, but when you look closer, there is so much more to this key clip. Simply slide the wide gate through your belt or belt loop and let it do all the work of holding onto your keys. The best part of the Orbikey Clip v2 is the detachable D-ring that is connected through a Fidlock® magnetic lock system. You simply need to quickly release your D-ring to get to yoru keys, removing the need for additional carabiners and the struggle of finding the right key at your doorstep.

There are many other features to the Orbikey Clip v2 that make it the best way to access your keys.

Key Features

The Orbikey Clip v2 is an entirely metal clip made out of a zinc alloy, which increases its durability. Making the Orbikey Clip built with the intention of being used consistently every single day.

We tend to find that we reach to a few particular keys and the rest don’t get used unless necessary, and with the Orbikey Vlip v2, you can entirely streamline how many keys you keep on your person with easy removal and additions of keys.

The D-ring will hold up to 10 standard keys to keep the magnetic lock system in place, giving you easy access to everywhere from work to home.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are sick and tired of your keys rattling in your bag or hooking onto loose threads in your jean pockets, the Orbikey Clip v2 is the solution you didn’t know you required.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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