Sparq 3-Pack of Vitamin Air: 3 Nicotine-Free Disposable Vapes That Give a Refreshing Boost

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The 3-Pack of Vitamin Air offers a nicotine-free vaping solution with effective natural ingredients and amino acids to give you a boost.

I have trouble finding nicotine-free vaping alternatives. I recently came across the 3-Pack of Vitamin Air and heard that it contains no nicotine and had to give it a try.
The 3-Pack of Vitamin Air contains one MELT, one FUEL and one PURE vape offering a variety of flavors.

If you want to vape but don’t want to ingest the addictive nicotine, this is a perfect solution. I got it for that exact reason but have stuck with it because of the variety in flavors.

Key Features



Grape seed extract

Green tea

Acai berry

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Each flavor is distinct.

By looking at them, I had no idea how effective they are. When I tried them, I realized each flavor is diverse, refreshing, and delicious.
I learned that switching between each vape in the 3 Pack of Vitamin Air keeps them tasting fresh.
The 3 Pack of Vitamin air keeps me from choosing harmful nicotine alternatives. It’s a great way to relax and I recommend it.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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