Edit Video and Audio Masterpieces with Precision and Comfort

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It’s time to take your audio and video editing to the next level.

You need more than the usual keyboard and mouse. You need the Loupedeck+ console, a gadget designed purely for editing your creative masterpieces.

Packed with intuitive dials, the Loupedeck+ is ergonomic and easy to master. It’s the kind of gadget that will help you get lost in any project for hours on end. But there’s no frustration with stubborn sliding tools or jumpy edits. Every cut, every fade, and every sound can be fine tuned to perfection.

Key Features

The Loupedeck+ has native compatibility with all the leading software brands. That means with this gadget you can design and create on any operating system and any software. It will save you time for maximum efficiency.

Deadlines always ensure pressure follows and you do not want to be fumbling with the edits via your mouse. Thankfully, a series of precise dials will allow you to adjust everything, including contrast, saturation and specific colours.

Do you like to work on projects that have similar stylistic features? With the Loupedeck+ you can save up to 16 presents for fast and accurate edits. So if you know something works brilliantly, it’s ready to be applied to one project or 100.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Loupedeck+ delivers everything a creative professional could ask for. Fast integration, intuitive controls and comfortable use. Whether it’s for work or at home, it’s arguably the most convenient video and audio editing console.

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