Clean Up Your Yard with the Lawnch-It Leaf Blower Attachment

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Are you tired of doing extra work to clean-up your backyard? Or, did you throw your back out half-way through raking leaves and have a pile that hasn't been cleaned yet?

Look no further than the Lawnch-It Leaf Blower Attachment that will ease all your woes. As an attachment, it doesn’t impact the use of your current leaf blower but only enhances the experience. As a large bag, angled perfectly for leaves to be directed inside, it acts as a catcher for your leaf blower.

Key Features

Being able to easily pick up and get rid of medium-sized piles of debris and leaves, holding up to nearly 3 gallons.

It will upgrade your leaf blower from a generic everyday model to one that can work harder for you, leaving you to do minimal work throughout the day.

It makes it easy to get rid of the debris. Sometimes trees drop acorns or during Fall there is an abundance of leaves falling to the ground. As much as it is easy to gather all debris into a small pile, the shoveling makes the work harder. Blowing all debris into a bag safely attached makes for easy removal.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you like your yards and gardens looking as clean and put together as possible, especially in seasons where debris tends to fall and get carried into your yard.

Check out the Lawnch-It Leaf Blower Attachment to make your lawn work easier.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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