Kids Can Have Fun Learning Time with the Coolest KidiZoom®

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Are your kids starting to show interest in wearing a watch? Or maybe they want to be just like their mom or dad and would adore a smartwatch as well?

Instead of worrying about them smashing the face of an Apple or Samsung smartwatch, look into the KidiZoom®, the smartwatch made for children. At face value, the KidiZoom® is a smartwatch made for children aged 4-12. With many customizable faces both digital and analog, your kids can learn how to tell time efficiently and when making their own choice of face they’ll be more inclined to learn. Not only can this watch tell time, but there are also included games that use the inbuilt camera and AR technology, meaning your kids will get so enthralled with their new watch that they won’t even feel like they’re learning time. They’ll feel as if they are just having fun with their new gadget. With the games and customizability, it makes kids find their new watch to be a new fun toy rather than helping them learn how to read the time. There are many other features that will make parents love the KidiZoom® for their kids.

Key Features

There are many colors and watch bands that you can have. As the KidiZoom watch bands are not only kid-friendly but are also secure and splashproof while giving your kid style.

With the in-built camera, you can use it for many of the games within the KidiZoom as well as taking pictures and add funny filters to your pictures through the Silly Me app.

Some games such as Monster Detector not only use the camera and AR technology but also includes a motion sensor and pedometer to keep your kids active.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Smartwatches are constantly being sought after by kids and adults of all ages and now there is one made for the little ones in the household. Thanks to KidiZoom, our children can learn time while also having a blast.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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