Good Behavior is Easy to Come By with the Goodtimer

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Do you find it tricky to get your kids to do household chores or homework? Or maybe you're finding difficulty introducing a fair and just system of reinforcement?

The Goodtimer is a fabulous way to bring the family together and get the job done. Backed by neuroscience, the Goodtimer is a great encouragement for children of all ages using positive reinforcement and incentives for chores and homework to get done in a timely manner. The biggest goal of the Goodtimer is for your kids to be working towards a goal and the goal from the Goodtimer is earning good time’ by following the rules parents set in their home. The fabulous part of the Goodtimer is that parents decide which chores and rules need to be followed for children to receive the reward, through means of positive reinforcement thanks to the 32 reusable tokens that come with the Goodtimer. The Goodtimer has many amazing educational and enjoyable features that will make it a benefit in your home.

Key Features

The Goodtimer is made out of durable materials that make it toddler-tough. Your little ones can knock it off a countertop or if you accidentally hit it over you aren't going to need to worry as the Goodtimer is impact-resistant.

With a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable, your Goodtimer doesn't need to charge every night, however, you can have it run for up to 5 days between each charge.

The Goodtimer can be adjusted with the 10 pre-set difficulty settings to make your kids work for their rewards.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Goodtimer is a fantastic way to help encourage your kids to work harder and reach for their goals while also being on their best behavior, getting rewarded each step of the way.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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