Upgrade Home Movies with the coolest Heyup Boxe portable 1080p mini smart projector

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With the pandemic still resulting in restrictions across the world, have you been missing the cinema?

Do you want to elevate your at-home movie nights with the kids and family? Instead of the smart TV, meet the Heyup Boxe portable 1080p mini smart projector and elevate the entire dynamic of the night.

The Heyup Boxe, means that you can enjoy high-definition film and television with a brilliant speaker from the comfort of your couch and a blank wall. There is nothing better than the magic of cinema and enjoying a good movie with dinner. Film and television don’t only help shape the way we see the world but it can also bring attention to problems and minorities we aren’t aware of, and we don’t want to watch these works of art on small screens.

There are many features as well as benefits to the Heyup Boxe compared to a bright TV or watching your favorite movie on your small laptop screen.

Key Features

This projector isn’t just convenient but is also a healthier option for your eyes since it diffuses the light of the image. With high LED TVs and the bright light of a laptop screen, they both damage our eyes, however, the Heyup Boxe portable projector uses a diffused light which promotes a healthier way for your eyes to watch TV.

You won’t need help to set up your Boxe either. Being extremely lightweight - weighing less than 3 pounds - you’ll be able to move it around, from the lounge room to your bedroom with ease. Even though it is light, the Boxe is durable and dust-repellant as your lens is insulated to keep it safe from dust.

Built with its own wireless and Bluetooth technology, the Boxe is extremely compatible with iOS devices as it offers an in-app mirroring connection so you can find your favorite film scrolling your Netflix catalog on your phone, cast to your Boxe, and enjoy your very own at-home cinema. Connect your phone, iPad, or laptop to the Boxe and watch away.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The cinema can definitely be fun but it is also an extremely expensive family adventure. The Boxe is a great way to bring the fun of the cinema to your home and enjoy movies and television in a completely new way.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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