GoCube – a Smart New Take on Rubik’s Cube

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GoCube makes the classic Rubik's cube smart by adding features like versus matches and leaderboards to prove who is the best player out there! Have you ever tried to connect the Rubik's cube?

Whether you are a lover of this classic puzzle or a total newbie, you will love GoCube, which will take your connecting experience to the next level!

GoCube is a smart toy that tracks your progress and allows you to measure the time spent connecting the cubes. You have an academy that will teach you how to solve the puzzle in only an hour, and the accurate statistics will allow you to perfect your game.

Once you are ready, you can play with friends and other real-life opponents in two-player sessions with the only goal of solving the cube faster than your rival. GoCube also features live tournaments and leaderboards to show the world you are the best puzzle solver out there!

Key Features

Learn, Level up Measure Fun and interactive learning

Play Online Against your peers

1 Year Warranty

Become a cuber in no time! Get GoCube on Sale. Connects to your phone enabling you to solve in under a minute. Cubing got more awesome, not just for the young but even adults.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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