Build with the Colors of the Rainbow with the CliXo Rainbow Pack

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Have you been searching for a new game or toy for your kids that not only fosters their creativity and imagination but also is screenless and builds STEAM interest? The CliXo rainbow pack is the perfect game for you, your kids and your kids friends.

With its simple concept and fun colors, kids gravitate towards games like this. The rainbow pack is not only eye catching but filled to the brim with 39 different pieces for your kids to have fun with. In 7 different shapes, imagination runs wild from wearable creations to 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional creations that can hang and curve. Whatever your kids imagine, can be built and created with ease.

Not only does it build on your kids creativity and imagination, there are many benefits for parents as well when purchasing the CliXo rainbow pack.

Key Features

Parents are constantly searching for games and toys that aren’t iPads or battery based toys. The CliXo rainbow pack has no setup whatsoever, with no batteries or screens involved at all.

With their stackable and lightweight nature, these creations can be built and brought with you on long plane rides, road trips or just taking them from home to a friend's house. They are a great portable game to bring with you anywhere.

Soft skills and STEAM interest can be hard to develop and foster in young kids, however with the building concept to this game in particular and thinking out of the box, the CliXo rainbow pack builds these skills just by messing around with creating.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For families looking to broaden the horizons of their children while also giving them something fun to play with, definitely check out the CliXo rainbow pack for incredible play time and building skills with your kids.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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