Changing The Way We Drink Water with the Auron Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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Do you ever wish you could try real purified water? Or, maybe just wish that you could drink from the river, or the waterfall you see on your long hike but you know that water isn't good for you?

With the creation of the Auron Self-Cleaning Water Purifying Water Bottle, that can be achieved. As a self-purifying water bottle, the Auron is able to turn any water from any river, drinking fountain, tap, or waterfall into pure drinking water, free of bacteria for you to feel comfortable. Using UV-C technology inside its double-insulated walls, the Auron takes only 60 seconds to purify and clean your water so that it is good enough for you to consume and drink comfortably. As a worry-free alternative to small travel mugs and flasks that can house bacteria in its stainless steel walls as well as an alternative to the single-use plastic water bottles that get tossed into landfills instead of being recycled, the Auron is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative as well. Alongside the fact that it is self-purifying which is amazing on its own, the Auron has many other features that make it attractive to any purchaser.

Key Features

The lid is touch activated to self-purify your water, however, that isn't the only thing that it can do. With a single tap, you can also see on the small LED screen lid the temperature of your drink in your preferred Fahrenheit or Celsius, as well with a triple tap you can initiate a water reminder cycle to remind you to drink water.

This is a travel-friendly water bottle, as there is no chance of your drinks spilling, your bottle sweating, and making your luggage or paperwork wet, and with the lack of parts needed it won't require parts to be replaced. A single charge of this water bottle lasts up to 2 months so it is very efficient.

For many of us, we like to pick our colors as well, the Auron comes in three colors, midnight black, cobalt blue, and marble white, to show off a bit more of your personality with your choice of color.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you love camping or are looking for a sustainable option with a new water bottle, checking out the Auron Self-Cleaning Water Purifying Water Bottle is well worth it, as it is a water bottle that is going to change the way in which we consume water.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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