Save time, water and money with the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner

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What’s your least favourite part of painting? Don’t answer. I know what it is. Cleaning your paint roller.

Or choosing not to clean your roller after a tough day of painting. I mean, the jobs done and you’re not going to be painting anything else, what’s the point? What if, instead of throwing your roller brush filled with hard, crusty paint, you could clean them easily and save them for when they’re needed again? With the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner, the most tedious part of painting is the easiest.

From the outside, this paint roller cleaner is nothing more than a regular, see through, rectangular box. It is only once you put it to use that its true value is revealed. With all the mess contained within the box, this product allows you to clean your brushes quickly, efficiently and mess-free. With a built-in paint roll arm, you just slot the brush in, connect a hose to the small slot and spray away. Just remember to have a bucket or sink underneath the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner so that the mess isn’t just falling onto the floor!

Key Features

Clean your brushes easily and quickly. The three-step process to use this product means you can keep your brushes healthy and not have to buy more anytime some pesky painting is needed.

With the ease of the spinning brush inside the box and a slot for a hoze, the paint falls off your brush with ease. No need to readjust or take it in and out to clean different sides. Just keep it spinning and the water will do the rest.

Thanks to the clear nature of the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner box, you can see as the paint is blown from your brush. This allows you to know, without removing the brush, where you need to clean and when it’s finished.

Saves water through direct contact between the hose and the brush, rather than using your kitchen sink or trying to direct the house yourself in the backyard.


  • While it is drastically more efficient and easier than hand washing or buying an endless amount of rollers, it isn’t as easy or fast as it claims to be.
  • Does not provide a bucket to put below the box and contain the mess that shoots out the bottom.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you’re planning on a big painting project, looking to jazz up your home or are a professional painter, you can’t go past the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner. Fast, clean and efficient, this paint roller cleaner is the ultimate brush cleaner. Gone are the days of buying a paint roller everytime you needed one or using all the power in your arms to painstakingly scrape out the paint from the pores of your roller brush.

Thanks to the Yak Paint Roller Cleaner you can have your paint rollers looking as good as new in a few minutes after an entire day’s worth of painting. What’s not to like?


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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