Brew Your Own 100% Chemical-Free Cleaner with the Force of Nature

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Why spend more money to clean with harmful chemicals when you could go leaner, greener, and cleaner for less?

The very aptly title “Force of Nature” lets you do just that! This gadget IS a force of nature, and certainly one to be reckoned with.

The Force of Nature Natural Cleaner is a cleaning solution maker that’s harm-free, sustainable, and cheaper to run than standard cleaning products. Using very common household ingredients – water, vinegar, salt, and electricity – this cleaning appliance whips you up a chemical-free disinfectant and deodoriser for multi-purpose use around your home. But now, if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering two things:

  1. How the heck does it do that?
  2. And does it actually work?

The answer to question one is simply SCIENCE! What the Force of Nature does is create electrolysed water, i.e. ordinary tap water containing dissolved salt that’s been juiced up by electricity. This results in two new ingredients being formulated: hypochlorous acid, the very same germ-eradicating substance your immune system creates, and sodium hydroxide, a detergent common in toothpaste, skin care products, and other cleaners.

Force of nature Cleaner

But now, for the much more pivotal question number two, it absolutely works. Viruses, bacteria, mould, and mildew – all (99.9%) gone! COVID and Monkeypox – begone! Odours? More like move-overs!

Look, there’s no perfect cleaning solution, but the Force of Nature Natural Cleaner comes pretty darn close. It’s an all-natural, EPA-registered, hospital-grade multi-purpose cleaner. It contains none of the harmful chemicals in bleach and other common cleaning products – chemicals that have strong links to initiating and exacerbating health risks such as COPD, asthma, allergies, and reproductive toxicity.

It will keep your home safe and sanitary without the addition of harmful chemicals that may just end up hurting the children and animals you set out to protect. Or you. Did you know that long-term studies have indicated that regular exposure to cleaning chemicals may be just as harmful to your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day?

However, it’s not just about the harm to your home: it’s about the harm to the planet. The Force of Nature creates a cleaning solution with naturally formulated ingredients. It’s hypoallergenic and totally skin-safe – and definitely planet-safe! More than that, the product is Green Seal certified, eliminating plastic waste using reusable bottles with all other materials being entirely recyclable.

But, to complete the holy trinity of consumer power, the product is safe, sustainable, and seriously good to your wallet. Remember that when you purchase the Force of Nature, you’re not purchasing a cleaning solution; you’re purchasing an appliance that MAKES a cleaning solution. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Force of Nature Starter Kit

A $1 Activator Capsule (needed to create the cleaning solution) from Force of Nature creates 12 ounces of high-power sensational sanitisation. This calculates to approximately 9 cents per ounce of cleaning solution versus the 15 cents per ounce of the next common household cleaner. With regular use, you’ll be saving money by the end of the first year of ownership, and by the end of your life…

You’ll have much happier lungs and more money in the bank! There’s no misnomer here: the Force of Nature Natural Cleaner is all that and more. And it is a force to be reckoned with.

Key Features

The Force of Nature is an innovative gadget that brings the power of industrial electrolysed water to your home. It’s not a cleaning product: it’s a cleaning product MAKER. It supplies you with an all-safe, all-natural cleaning solution, and every time you run dry, you just get a refill!

And it works like a charm, eradicating 99.9% of germs - viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew, scum, grease, grime - all the while being 100% family home-friendly.

But keep it cheap! The Force of Nature with its reusable bottle and limitless refills will save you up to 80% of costs compared to other leading cleaning product brands.

All the while, feel good. Not just your health but your virtues too! As a Green Seal product, the Force of nature eliminates both plastic waste and toxic chemicals and has even officially partnered with Carbonfree, extending donations to carbon reduction projects worldwide. You might not save the world with the Force of Nature, but you’re certainly not hurting it.


  • You don’t supply your own vinegar and salt to produce the Force of Nature cleaning solution. To make the cleaner, you need to purchase the Activator Capsules. They’re cheap (roughly $1 per capsule) and it’s a necessary evil to create the perfect chemical reaction to get such a powerful cleaner, but it is bothersome nonetheless.
  • Once made, the cleaning solution only lasts two weeks before losing efficacy. However, this is another necessary evil as hypochlorous acid begins to dissipate over time. To compensate, the reusable Force of Nature bottle is only 12 ounces versus the standard 26-32 ounces.
  • The reusable bottle is reported to be finicky and annoying to use, but it’s replaceable with other spray bottles.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

What else is there to say? The Force of Nature Natural Cleaner is an innovative and honestly downright clever product that delivers on its promises.

Electrolysed water has been utilised in industrial settings for a long time. It’s a POWERFUL cleaning solution that works efficiently, effectively, and cheaply. And now the Force of Nature is delivering that industrial standard to your home, all due to the power of modern-day gadgetry!

As I said, it’s not a perfect product, but it sure is coming close. If you hate cleaning with chemicals, fear their impacts on you and your family, or simply want a more eco-friendly option, this product is for you. It’s a buy-it-for-life alternative to all the horrible toxins out there.

I have little doubt that you’ll get a houseload of use out of this gadget. At the very least, I strongly doubt you’ll regret purchasing this over another bottle of bleach.

After all, au naturale is best. 😉


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