Clean Your Home Without Lifting A Finger By Using The Smartmi A1 Robot!

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The Smartmi A1 Robot! The Smartmi A1 Robot is a vacuum that also does other types of cleaning, all with the push of a few buttons.

While most vacuum robots clean carpeted floors and can pick up loose debris on hardwood flooring, the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum cleans both the dry and the wet debris while self-cleaning the water so you won’t get streaks all over your flooring.

Additionally, unlike using a traditional mop to clean your floors, where you dip the mop back into the water and drag both dirty water and clean water onto your floor, the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum keeps the dirty and the clean water separate, so the only water that touches your floor is clean!

Smartmi A1 World's Cleanest Robot

It has a combination design that combines the best of the best for both wet and dry floor cleaning. The wet vacuum suction sucks up all the debris on your floor, while the floor is also scrubbed and buffed with the fast rotations of the brushes. All of the dirt, debris, and dust are then sent directly to the water tank. Then the roller brush design works to self-clean what the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum goes over. This keeps your floors clean and also free from cross contamination.

The Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum comes with several benefits to keep the hard floors of your house clean, including these benefits.

Key Features

The numbers do not lie when it comes to the innovations on the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum. The brushes are super fast with 1600 spins per minute, and the suction of the wet-dry boosters comes in at 4000Pa.

Instead of needing to retreat back to a charger in order to activate a self cleaning function, the vacuum just needs to do its normal thing. IT will self clean the mop as it mops because the clean water and the dirty water do not cross contaminate.

It also has 3D scraping with the powerful bristled brushes, instead of simply dragging itself across the surface. You won’t watch surface debris get dragged about like other vacuums. Additionally, the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum is able to go on and clean up your carpet, instead of having to avoid it.

Every feature of the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum can be controlled by your smartphone, and with a few clicks, you can have it scan for messes on its own or direct it to specific areas you want to be cleaned.

However, like all things, the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum comes with a few drawbacks


  • It is more pricey than other vacuums, so if you like all the benefits and features that it can provide for you, you need to make sure you have the wallet room for it.
  • You will need to switch back to the dry cleaning mode if you don’t want the map features.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This is a very nice gadget that combines the usefulness of a vacuum and a washer together in one convenient machine. The Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum is a must have for anyone with a big home, and a small desire to clean that home each day. Whether you have hardwood, carpet, or both, this robot vacuum can go through both surfaces, picking up both the debris you see and the debris you don’t.

If you’ve got the money, don’t be afraid to make the purchase and see what the Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum can do for your home and your cleaning schedule!


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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