Charge in the Great Outdoors with the PN-W05 Solar Power Bank

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Have you always searched for a way to have a constant charge for your phone instead of having to charge your portable charger as well?

If you love camping and hiking but also love documenting it on your phone you’ll find that it’s difficult to keep your phone as charged as you can. The PN-W05 Solar Power Bank is an ideal choice for the regular hiker/camper. The best part about this power bank is that it is the ideal power bank to take to the great outdoors. With the solar panel charge, you can keep your power bank full of charge to power your device while trekking through forests and cliffs. You can also recharge the PN-W05 via a power outlet whether it is a micro USB or a type C input, it can be externally charged before your trip. There are many power banks available but there are some great features that makes this ideal for you.

Key Features

The PN-W05 is a wireless charger, meaning only phones compatible with wireless charging can use this power bank. Both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices can use the power bank, making it completely cordless even when charging itself on the go.

The power bank takes around 6 hours to charge fully to give you more than enough juice for your journey. A simple charge through a power outlet the night before you go on your adventure will give you more than enough charge as it can be kept at full power thanks to the solar panels.

The power bank is both sturdy and durable for all climates. The reinforced corners save it from accidental dropping on rocks and mountains. The battery itself is made of a lithium polymer which is incredibly durable.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Keeping our phones charged isn’t only for calls, it’s to be able to take video footage and pictures right at our fingertips, especially when we are going on adventures. To be able to keep our devices charged on the go in the great outdoors, the PN-W05 Solar Power Bank is the best choice for you.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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