Keep Your Bed Toasty Warm with the Navien Mate EQM 350

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The weather is starting to get cold, or your house has the aircon going and your bedroom is way too cold to go to sleep.

Keeping ourselves toasty warm typically comes in the form of blankets upon blankets, fuzzy socks and the fluffiest of pants and tops to keep warm. It can get difficult to find the perfect combination of items to keep your body at the right temperature to sleep.

But now there are many other ways to keep warm that doesn’t involve wrapping ourselves up so tight we can’t move or get comfortable. We can now actually warm what we sleep on, keeping our mattress warm on those cold nights or summer nights with the aircon up high.

How do you get your mattress warm and toasty to help those cold nights?

Introducing the Navien Mate EQM 350 to keep you warm!

This bed warming mattress toper is the best way to warm your bed aside from electric blankets or heating up a singular room. Being safer than electric blankets, the Navien Mate uses water heating technology to help provide an even heat without the risk of cords being caught or overheating both you and your bed. It is thin so you will barely notice it underneath you and allow you to be free and warm in bed all at once.

But then you think, what if I sleep with someone and they hold heat differently to me? The Navien Mate’s got you covered. With separate heating zones for King and Queen sized beds, you and your partner can find your own optimal temperature for the best nights sleep you’ll ever get.

When we run to our bed, we don’t just run there to sleep, but we race to our beds at night to help relax. Soothe our muscles and let our body begin to heal. The Navien Mate using water technology gives you the chance to feel the relief of a hot shower as you lay down in bed, reducing inflammation in your joints and muscles as well as alleviate soreness all over.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you struggle with staying warm, whether it is the middle of winter or the aircon is on full blast in summer and you are searching for a touch of warmth for comfort at night, look no further that the Navien Mate to stay warm and comfortable all year round in bed.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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