Snuggle With Ease with the Coodle® Pillow

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It is late at night, you and your partner are getting snuggled in bed, and you roll over to hold them, wrap them up in the most comforting hug known to man, the spoon.

You are snuggled close, holding them to your chest and your arm starts to feel funny, a tingling sensation, and pins and needles are now along your entire arm.

But we never want to stop the hug, but we want to stop our arms from falling asleep. There have always been ways around it, but nothing that has been comfortable or ideal for many people. But what if we could remove the tingling when we snuggle our partner?

What if we found something that would keep your arms without pins and needles but would also help relax our partner?

Introducing the Coodle® Pillow!

The Coodle® Pillow is just what you think it is, a pillow specifically designed to help you and your partner in your evening snuggles. Designed to keep you and your partner satisfied, this pillow’s design with a strong arch gives you the perfect space to slide your arm under and not lose feeling. The pillow itself gives your partner a softer place to lay their head. But there are more features to the Coodle® that will show its benefits to you and your life.

If you are someone who likes to lay on their side, resting on your arm as you watch TV in bed or you are more typically a side sleeper than a front or back sleeper, the Coodle® is ideal for you. Able to slide your arm through the arch you can keep your comfort level higher than before with your arm comfortable and your head relaxed on the pillow.

You can also use your Coodle® between your legs if you suffer from sore hips as the arch will rest gently across your thighs and block pressure you may be experiencing. For anyone experiencing lower pain of any sort, the Coodle® can alleviate some of the pressure and tension.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better if you are an avid snuggler or if you are looking for a new pillow to join your collection to help make nights easier. Check out the Coodle® Pillow today!

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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