Don’t we all love a stylish case to keep our gadgets protected? What’s best when it comes to new cases for our tech is when it can be hooked onto our bags or it is compatible with our wireless chargers.

The new Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case is just what you need if you have the new AirPods Pro. 

As stated, the Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case is compatible with your wireless chargers. As the case for these particular AirPods has wireless charging technology, the Oakywood case has done just the same, allowing you to keep your AirPods in their case at all times. The fact that you will not have to remove your AirPods from the protective case in order to charge the case and earphones makes this case even more desirable. 

There are many other features that make the Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case the must-have case for your new headphones.

Key features of Oakywood Felt AirPods Pro Case:

The AirPods case has a tough clip on the back which will allow you to hook your case to your purse, keys, or even your backpack. Whether clipped on the inside or outside of your bag, you’ll always know exactly where your AirPods are. 

This case is made out of thick felt and microfibre layer which is only going to further protect your AirPods in case of any falls or drops. If there is an unwanted movement of your AirPods – like falling off a desk – you can know that the durability and protection provided by this case will keep your beloved AirPods safe.

Depending on your color choices and aesthetics, there are two color choices for you to choose from – anthracite and grey.

When searching for an extra protective case for your AirPods, there is no better way to go than a soft felt case courtesy of Oakywood. 

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