Listen to Music Through BCW Technology with the myFirst Headphones

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Do your ears get sore with constant headphones pressing into them? Or maybe your ears get sweaty from large over-ear headphones during long periods of time?

The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless are the most perfect solution to still listen to your music while not having headphones in or over your ears. If you aren’t a fan of inner ear headphones, these BC wireless headphones are a great alternative. BCW uses bone conduction technologies to have you listen to your music while leaving your ears completely free. Using your cheekbones, these headphones project their sound upwards with bone conduction technology. This allows you to have sweat-free ears throughout your day, bringing you more comfort than any other set of headphones on the market. There are some incredible key features to the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless that make it a great purchase choice.

Key Features

These headphones have soft rubber where it contacts your skin, making sure it is gentle against your neck and cheekbones. This ensures that you can use these headphones for long periods of time such as long flights or road trips.

These headphones are also feather-light, unbreakable, and completely wireless, making them long-wearing and durable for anyone wearing them. Simply put them on and go about your day without worry and fear of pulling on cords or feeling dragged down by your headphones.

Your ears are completely free to listen to outside noises thanks to the way these headphones work. When it comes to volume, these headphones rest at 85 decibels, to ensure a safe volume of listening so you can also hear everything around you while enjoying whatever you're listening to.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you are searching for a different kind of headphones either for yourself or your kids to enjoy music throughout the day, definitely look into the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless. They bring together new technology and comfort all into one.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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