Imagine if you could turn off the world around you with a tap to your earbud. With Mobi Hybrid ANC Earbuds, you can.

Mobi earbuds are the first true wireless headphones to feature a new kind of hybrid ANC. With a total of 6 feedforward and feedback mics (as opposed to 4 mics in standard hybrid earbuds), Mobi offer the most comprehensive ANC power in true wireless audio. 

At 30 dB of power, Mobi cancel 50% more noise than AirPods Pro. And thanks to AI-assisted ANC, you’ll never deal with annoying ANC errors, and you’ll enjoy a much longer battery life. 

Mobi are the first true wireless headphones to cancel the full range of audio frequency. When you put them on, the world around you turns off with a tap. 

Aside from the next-gen ANC, Mobi comes packed with additional premium features like a 100-hour battery, 12 mm oversized speakers, IPX6 waterproofing, AI-assisted calling, Bluetooth 5.2, and more.

What You’ll Love about Mobi:

Multiple ANC ModesMobi’s hybrid ANC is the most advanced noise-canceling in true wireless audio. But it’s not the only mode you can choose. Activate Mobi’s AI-powered Transparency Mode and the AI will filter through sounds from your environment that you need to hear.

Mobi’s AI knows over 6000 sounds, so it can effectively filter alarms, sirens, digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home, and voices speaking to you. It passes these sounds through your speakers to keep you safe and aware while on the go.

Oversized Sound – Most earbud speakers are between 4-8 mm in diameter. Mobi’s 12 mm speakers deliver bolder, bigger sound. When paired with Mobi’s hybrid ANC, the audio quality is reminiscent of surround sound. The enlarged speakers also drive gut-punching bass beats. For the first time, you’ll be able to feel the beat of your favorite House and EDM music from earbuds.

Made for Active Lifestyles – Mobi are not fragile earbuds that will dip out when you start to sweat. They’re reinforced to protect against shock, sealed to keep out debris, and IPX6 waterproof to get you through any type of weather. You can even use Mobi in the shower. Mobi’s carrying case is also IPX6 rated—not just the earbuds themselves—so you can take Mobi everywhere with confidence.  

Listen for Longer – Mobi will take you further on a single charge. Get 10 hours of playback from the earbuds and an additional 90 hours in the carrying case. Thanks to Mobi’s AI-calibrated ANC, you’ll enjoy 9 hours of playback even with the ANC modes active. That’s 2x longer than earbuds by Apple, Sony, and Bose.

Premium for Less – Mobi are more durable and more powerful than most premium earbuds, but they cost much less. Mobi launched on crowdfunding, and the brand is dedicated to cutting advertising costs and streamlining manufacturing to pass savings on to the customer. A pair of Mobi Earbuds will cost you just $85.

Mobi are breaking new ground with hybrid ANC tech and artificial intelligence. They are the only earbuds that offer full-frequency ANC power, and they’re available now for 70% less than the next best pair of headphones. Visit now to experience the next generation of
true wireless audio.

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