A Plush and Protective Case to Pamper your AirPods Max

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Did you just recently pick up the new headphones designed by Apple, the AirPods Max? And, are you searching for a protective case so you can travel with them without fear of them being damaged?

Waterfield has designed a lovely case that is perfect and protective of your new AirPods Max headphones. With its plush interior filled with safety features, you can rest assured that your headphones are well-protected. If you already own the Smart Case for the AirPods Max, the Waterfield Shield Case is large enough that you can have ample protection by using this Smart Case alongside the plush protective case. There are also many beautiful colors and finish options that you can choose from. Alongside the protective properties of the Shield Case, there are many other benefits to its design features.

Key Features

Where the headphones themselves are placed, the case is fitted with magnetic leather butterflies that when placed beside the headphones, will trigger your headphones to rest in low-power mode, keeping the charge for lengthy periods of time.

There is also a mesh pocket that has the ability to fit a 20W power block to keep the charge of your headphones going all day long which can seal shut.

The case not only has the pocket on the inside, but there are also pockets on both outside parts, with a front pocket fitted with a sturdy zip to keep cords and chargers, and a back mesh pocket that can hold more accessories if necessary. Thanks to these pockets, you'll be able to charge your headphones while they sit inside the case as everything can be tight and close together, minimizing the risk of cords being pulled.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

We love keeping our beloved electronics protected and safe in our bags when we are out and about, and the Waterfield case is a fabulous way to keep them protected and stylish all at the same time.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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