HumanCharger® Wireless Headset: Get Out Of That Winter Slump

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The HumanCharger Wireless Headset is a portable natural light therapy tool perfect for the mid-winter slump. Invigorating light and pure sound quality make the winter blues and jet lag just fine.

If you’re like myself, the winter season feels long, and the lack of the prominent and warm sun makes the days drag on. Upon discovering the HumanCharger and learning what it was, I needed to get my hands on it myself. I am glad that it did.

The HumanCharger earbuds work by producing light that goes into your eyes that truly makes you feel like you just the necessary time in the sun you can’t get when it’s cold or you are completely jetlagged. You only need 12 minutes and the results are very noticeable.

Truly Innovative

Besides giving the much-needed light source, this wireless headset also has great sound quality. I personally have found it infinitely useful to sit down for a 12-minute session and listen to some calm music for that duration.

This wireless headset also gets an awful lot out of a charge. You can get 10 full sessions of light therapy or listen to up to 16 hours of music. I have found it great for travel, particularly long flights or unwinding from a bout of jet lag.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

I highly recommend the HumanCharger Wireless headset and it gets a 5/5 from me.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci, a Melbourne resident, is a technology aficionado with a talent for evaluating the latest, most stylish gadgets, With his extensive background in health and fitness as a seasoned lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, Adam's evaluations of fitness gadgets are informed by his expertise in this field.