To enjoy the complete feel of your music, you need to be able to feel the bass and this can be an issue with using just headsets but the launch of the BassMe wearable subwoofer looks set to change all that.

The BassMe is a subwoofer that attaches over your shoulder and sits on the centre of your breastbone where the vibrations feed straight through your chest bone to vibrate throughout your entire body.

By placing the subwoofer on your chest, it amplifies the sensations produced by the subwoofer and distributes them evenly throughout the body to truly help you feel the beat.

Like many wearable devices, the BassMe is loaded with extra features to make it easy to use with some aspects including:

  •  It has Bluetooth sensors built into its body allowing it to connect with a host of devices including headsets, smartphones and PC’s to play audio or other forms of media.
  • The device comes in a range of colours giving you a host of designs to help match your sense of style and make it a fashionable device to own.
  • The handle of the subwoofer comes in a variety of sizes (from S-XL) allowing you to find a size that fits comfortably to your body and not fall off during workouts or whilst walking.

By enabling you to feel the basslines of your favourite tunes, the BassMe wearable subwoofer is a new way to help you enjoy music and revolutionize the way we experience our favourite mediums.

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