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Fitbit Luxe Tracker Black For Wellness and Body Motivation

Looking for a sleek and stylish fitness tracking watch that holds everything you could need and more? Want to pick one from a company that has been known to create the best fitness trackers on the market?

Fitbit have brought out the newest in their fitness tracker technology, the Fitbit Luxe Tracker.

Fitbit’s thinnest tracker features Bluetooth, FitStar workouts, and all-day activity tracking

• Track steps taken, distance covered & calories burned
• SmartTrack automatically recognizes select activities & records them in the Fitbit app
• Sleep Stages & silent alarm awaken you without disturbing others

Monitor your daily progress with the Fitbit Luxe Tracker. Fitbit’s slimmest tracker yet fits comfortably into a pocket or bag to track steps, floors climbed, heart rate* and more, as well as fitting comfortably onto your wrist for a sleek design. Fitbit uses PurePulse® technology with continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate measurements to provide elevated accuracy for measuring calories burned as well as improved heart rate zones.* Check on your progress and information through the connected smartphone app. Fitbit also displays call and text notifications on-screen when paired with a smartphone.

There are features within the Fitbit Luxe Tracker that will make it the perfect fitness tracker for you;

Key Features

Get style inspiration and motivation from the Fitbit Luxe Tracker

It has a chic design you'll love to wear in your day-to-day life

Stay motivated with on-wrist tracking for key moments like steps, sleep, heart rate, calories burned

The technology is at your wrist. And it's backed by experts in fitness and fashion.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With the increasing number of companies looking to release more and more fitness trackers, Fitbit has kept up with the changes and are bringing out updated models consistently, with equally if not better quality every time. The Fitbit Luxe Tracker is the best in fitness tracker technology.

Hayley Ianna

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