Let’s Get Motivated To Exercise with the Fitbit Luxe Tracker!

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The Fitbit Luxe Tracker is their thinnest tracker yet.

It has many features such as Bluetooth connectivity, FitStar workouts directly within the connected app (at an additional cost to the customer), and all-day activity tracking. The Fitbit has been beloved by many customers for several years. They are only continuing to improve themselves and their products by giving you the thinnest and most discrete fitness tracker on the market.

The Fitbit has many benefits as it completes so many tasks for you, simply by having you wear it on your wrist;

• Tracks steps taken, distance covered & calories burned within your workouts.
• SmartTrack automatically recognises select activities and records them in the Fitbit app for you to track without having to do the work.
• Sleep stages & silent alarms awaken you without disturbing others.

Woman wearing Fitbit Luxe Tracker

You’ll be able to monitor your daily progress with the Fitbit Luxe Tracker. This is Fitbit’s slimmest tracker as it fits comfortably into your pocket or your bag to track your steps, climbed floors, heart rate* and more. Fitbit uses PurePulse® technology with continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate measurements to measure calories burned and improve heart rate zones* All you need to do is place your Fitbit on your wrist and let the technology work. Through the connected app, you can check your progress throughout the day. Fitbit displays call and text notifications when paired with a smartphone.

There are features within the Fitbit Luxe Tracker that will make it the perfect fitness tracker for you;

Key Features

Get style inspiration and motivation from the Fitbit Luxe Tracker, as it comes in four different color variations for you to pick from to accentuate your workout style.

Stay motivated with on-wrist tracking for key moments like steps, sleep, heart rate, and calories burned throughout your day. And if your preferred mode of fitness is swimming rather than the gym, you can even take your Fitbit Luxe Tracker into the pool or a lake to track and monitor your swimming.

For individuals with a menstrual cycle, the Fitbit Luxe Tracker even has a menstrual health tracking portion within the smartphone app to help you stay on track and target from month to month.

The technology is at your wrist. And it's backed by experts in fitness and fashion.

However, some customers may be cautious when picking the Fitbit Luxe Tracker as their fitness tracker of choice;


  • While the Luxe Tracker considers the calories you have burnt, there is no place to put the calories you have ingested during the day to get an accurate reading on its effect on your weight-loss journey.
  • If you plan to use it to check your texts during the day, customers who have trouble seeing smaller screens may prefer a Fitbit with a larger screen as the Luxe has a smaller screen.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With the increasing number of companies looking to release more and more fitness trackers, Fitbit has kept up with the changes and is bringing out updated models consistently, with equal if not better quality every time. You’ll never be disappointed with a product from Fitbit, especially the Fitbit Luxe Tracker.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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